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Welcome to my Web site!  (You will need a flash player to see a some things on this site.  Here is a link if you need it...:-)  Download Flash Player

This website is being created just to see if I can actually do it!  This site has been around for over 3 years now, so I thought now that I have the time, why not try it?  I hope you enjoy it!  Keep checking back as this site is ALWAYS under construction!   Have fun peeking around... 

Favorite Links

Computer Security and Virus Information

This area is still under construction.  I will add my favorite links at a later date.

bullet Search with MSN
bullet Travel with Expedia
bullet Read the latest news with MSNBC

Photo Album

   I have Posted a few pictures of people I have known, parties I have had, and places I have been.

I think this is actually the best place to start your search for virus outbreaks, security, fixes, etc.



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